Most of the popular forms of magic in the world

Natural magic Natural magic is magic performed by the use of natural objects such as candles, herbs, crystals, incense, roots, minerals and animal parts. According to prince its believed that there is an indirect link that exists between natural magic and the realm of human endeavor. In natural magic the physical characteristics of the item […]

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The history of white magic

The magic and white magic practitioners in history   White magic has its origin from Prince Mudan’s family in the ancient days from one of his fore grand fathers a Zoroastrian astrologer named magus. He used the word magic that became part of the English language in the fourteenth century. Belief in white magic has […]

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Black magic love spells

What is black magic?   Black magic spells are several spells that involve several rituals. Black magic spells can be hexes, jinxes or curses. Black magic spells can be used to cause misfortune, destruction or even death to the targeted person. That’s why black magic is more reliable because nothing can stop it to happen […]

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