Different Types Of Magic And Magic Spells

Different Types Of Magic And Magic Spells

Welcome to the home of powerful love spells that work immediately. In today’s post, we will talk about the different types of magic and magic spells. But, first, there is a need to give background information about magic. Magic is the art of causing conscious changes that happen according to will. Any desired change can be achieved by applying a force of the right strength in the right way to the desired object Magic is divided into two basic types: white and black magic. Both types of magic are formed from the same source. How magic is applied to a purpose imbues it with its good or evil nature. But there is also the magic of runes and candles.

Let’s start with white magic

White magic is the good force of nature. As such, it can be used only for good purposes – healing the sick, disentangling and resolving life’s complications and difficult situations, and ensuring the happiness of other people. Such benign magic may also include protective rituals and spells directed against black magic. It is devoted to life. White magic is one of the different types of magic and magic spells that is defined as a set of esoteric manipulations that allow you to neutralize negative programs of any origin. Most often, it tends to heal the human body, spells, rituals, oaths, prayers are used, sometimes animals, trees, grass and inanimate nature – stones, sand, and salt.

Then there’s another type of magic called “black magic

On the other hand, black magic is the magic of destruction. It is referred to as: using the hidden forces of nature to harm someone. Black magic is one of the different types of magic and magic spells that is destructive. Usually, it is done with the intention of revenge, harm, destruction, or taking from another what belongs to him or her. It is the application of magical abilities outside the direction of evolution, for the achievement of material interests and goals attainable in the material world. It has different customs in different countries, for example, in Morocco clotted blood clots are considered a particularly powerful tool for various spells, in the cities of Peru, Cuzco – in the Catholic cathedral, in front of the side altar of Archangel Michael, rows of black candles burn, which are placed there to destroy their enemies and for whose purpose the church servants simply turn a blind eye to.There are also black magic protection spells that can protect someone from harm.

Another of the different types of magic and magic spells is “Rune Magic”

Druid priests, sorcerers, and sorcerers used runic signs to invoke the gods, foretell the future, and cast spells. The ancient Germanic, Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon alphabet consists of 24 runic signs. Their meaning and use are related to the special divination cards and the techniques of Chinese and Arab soothsayers. Each of the 24 runes has its own symbol and meaning to be deciphered. Runes are an ancient system of pictograms that contain ideas about the forces ruling nature and the universe. We can access these powers through magic. The hidden powers of the rune should be used only for good and fair purposes. Runic magic is one of the different types of magic and magic spells that is not a form of divination in its traditional form. Runes do not predict the future and do not give specific advice for action. Their task is not to make our life rich in general and to make us happy, and they do not tell us what will happen but indicate a direction that will be influenced by it.

Spells cast using candles

Fire hides many secrets. It is able to take, burn all negativity, calm and also give energy. It has been scientifically proven that colors affect our mood, affect space, and can also be treated. Likewise, the world of aromas affects our health. By combining these two things in a candle, where fire, candle color, and aromatic oils, as well as various spices and medicinal herbs, participate, magical candles are created. Of course, it is also important to follow the correct moon phases and techniques when preparing them. It is possible to combine these things only for self-made candles. As you have already seen, the different types of magic and magic spells in the world are also cat different. In order for you to understand the way they work, and probably cast one, you need to deal with a professional like me. Contact me now if you would like me to cast a spell on your behalf.

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