Effective spells to harm a person

Effective spells to harm a person

Every one, whether directly or indirectly, has an enemy. An enemy is a person who doesn’t like you and is ever plotting on your life. Your life can be dangerously affected if you don’t keep track of your enemies. Every step taken by your enemies must be monitored in order to avoid surprise attacks. An attack by an enemy at a time you don’t expect can be both devastating and fatal. If you have realized that your enemies are planning against your life, cast this spell in order to prevent someone from harming you.
Cast this spell to harm or destroy your enemy

Normally and usually, all of us have an “enemy”, a person who does nothing but get into your life and does everything to thwart your plans. It is sometimes very difficult to counter such actions, but we have other ways of fighting such people. You can do that through the direct involvement of magic. Magic not only helps you in prosperity, health, wealth, love or illness; but it can be very useful when it comes to defending against malicious persons enjoying while giving you very bad times.

My effective spells to harm a person are powerful revenge spells that are designed to help you hurt a person who has tormented your life for so long. If he has caused a lot of damage in your life, you can expose him to the same suffering using this powerful spell that works. Make him pay all the damage he did to you. If he did it without any pity on you, who are you to have a pitiful heart for him?

However, It is important to be careful when revenging on your enemies. Your enemies may also retaliate in the same manner. For the same reason, you should also cast protection spells that work as soon as you cast my spells to harm a person so that you can avoid potentially dangerous situation. These spells can do different kinds of damage such as financial loss, disease and sickness, suffering and financial or business loss.

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