Essential oils for magical use

Essential oils for magical use
Essential oils are a specific type of oil which, as a rule, is already pre-made and can be directly used for rituals and celebrations, in the event that you do not have enough time to make them yourself. If you want to promote fertility and fortune in your family, my fir essential oil can serve to reinforce your petitions to the goddess of fertility or to purify a person during the rites to ward of negativity. If you want to increase your own spiritual vibrations or that of someone else, promote spirituality and clairvoyance; use my Acacia essential oils and usher yourself to the world of magic.
If you are looking for a powerful agent against all forms moral, spiritual, intellectual and economic poverty, my magical essential oil works to reinforce your powerful spells that work. It is used in rituals that promote love for oneself and for others. It brings fortune and money, thereby fostering prosperity and opulence.

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