The history of white magic

The magic and white magic practitioners in history


White magic has its origin from Prince Mudan’s family in the ancient days from one of his fore grand fathers a Zoroastrian astrologer named magus. He used the word magic that became part of the English language in the fourteenth century. Belief in white magic has gone throughout history depending on the amount of pressure people felt from the organized religion in Europe and in the us. However traditionally in the ancient day’s white magic practitioners involved a class of priests called magi of Zoroastrianism. The magi did a great job to shape the Hellenistic religion. Both the Greeks and Egyptians had high hopes and beliefs in white magic. Therefore the belief surrounding the use of the magic circle, tools has been used since the ancient days which can be witnessed by the ancient magic shops. It’s been through generations that white magic has always been used in this world and the true and real white magicians are in prince’s family lineage.

Purpose of white magic


White magic practitioners like prince do it to help people and also do it for benevolent purposes. Prince Mudan uses white magic with intentions of not hurting people. However the primary purpose of white magic spells is to protect a person bless a person or thing, sanctify something, perform healing rituals on a person and to get in to the realm of love luck and money. It’s these ultimate purposes that white magic is the perfect spells for you if you don’t have negative intensions except enhancing your own human nature and its will. Most good spells in this world are also casted using white magic. According to prince white magic spells are simple and can also be complex by performing hexes and curses on people in order to repel a black magic curse. White magic spells are always designed to be defensive in nature and do not ever intend to harm someone or to put someone or something risk. For more information about white magic you need to contact prince in to your world.

Who uses white magic?


According to prince white magic is intended to be used in Wicca, neopagan, pagan and witch craft rituals. White magic spells can be used by both those that believe in magic and those that do not believe in magic. Most white magic spells are more complex and need a powerful spell caster Prince Mudan to be able to perform their ritual ceremonies. White magic is always used by prince to break hexes, protecting a person from harm, healing a person from an illness, breaking jinxes and blessing a person. White magic has spells to remove curses and as well repel evil entities and dark curses. It requires very simple effective white magic spells to heal you from different types of evil. I.e. white magic spells are performed with basis of good intensions.

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